Premium Topsoil

Our topsoil is a good base soil for starting a lawn or garden. 

Where does our topsoil come from?

Topsoil is often harvested off excavating job sites. It is excellent for lawns, filling sink holes or any other place you just need some dirt to fill in. Topsoil can be placed at any thickness and often the thicker it is the better the lawn.

Are there different types of topsoil?

Yes topsoil is different in every area and different areas give it different color. There are river bottom topsoil, topsoil from limestone ground and topsoil from sandy areas; all these different areas produce different color of topsoil. River bottom topsoil can be black but may have lots of sand in it. Topsoil from the south may have a red color from the sandy stone in that area, and lime stone topsoil may be light in color and more brown instead of black.

Where all can I use topsoil and how thick should I use?

Topsoil can be used anywhere and is found across the globe in varying depths. It is most commonly hauled in and used on lawns, gardens and flower beds. Topsoil needs to be at least 3 inches thick to grow most plants and can be up to 6 inches thick for gardens.

Is topsoil best for gardens?

To really be of best value topsoil should be amended with some kind of manure or fertilizer. Here at Eby’s we use mushroom soil which is a compost to amend the topsoil, we call it our garden soil.

What delivery options to you offer?

We have a single axle dump truck and a tri-axle dump truck to be able to deliver for you any amount you will need. Please give us a call for their availability and pricing.

How much soil do I need?
Use our QuikCalc.

To calculate the amount of material needed for your project, type in the length and width of the area you need to cover. From the drop down menu, choose the depth you would like to apply. Then click ‘calculate’ to determine the approximate needed amount.

Length of Area (feet)
Width of Area (feet)
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