Garden Soil

Garden soil is a mix ready for your raised bed or garden. It is a blend of our screened topsoil (a good soil base), mushroom soil and pure bark (adds nutrients and organic material), sand (promotes drainage and reduces soil compaction), and fine bark mulch (keeps soil loose and makes it easy for root systems to permeate soil).

How is our garden soil made?

Topsoil by its self needs amended to be of any good for gardeners so hence forth our garden soil. Here at Eby’s we mix topsoil together with Mushroom compost, Sand and bark fines. Mushroom compost is a strong fertilizer and coupled together with topsoil makes a good soil. The sand and bark fines helps with the texture of the soil and water absorption.

What makes our garden soil better then topsoil?

Garden soil is better because it’s nutrient value. Because of the mushroom soil it has the nutrients it takes for plants to grow coupled with the bark fines it absorbs water and stays moist even in dryer weather. This all helps in keeping plants strong and healthy making our garden soil the best there is.

Which is better for my soil? Garden or Mushroom.

Garden soil is a soil; Mushroom soil is actually a compost or fertilizer. You have to know how to use them. Garden soil can be used in raised gardens or flower pots; pretty much anywhere you want to grow something even yards. Mushroom compost on the other hand has to be viewed as a fertilizer not a soil. Mushroom compost can be used as a mulch if kept away from the stems of plats about 2 inches all around, otherwise it needs to be tilled in like on a garden or raised beds.

What delivery options to you offer?

We have a single axle dump truck and a tri-axle dump truck to be able to deliver for you any amount you will need. Please give us a call for their availability and pricing.

How much soil do I need?
Use our QuikCalc.

To calculate the amount of material needed for your project, type in the length and width of the area you need to cover. From the drop down menu, choose the depth you would like to apply. Then click ‘calculate’ to determine the approximate needed amount.

Length of Area (feet)
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