Glenwood Stoves

Glenwood Stoves


The Glenwood comes with a 20 year non-prorated warranty. Built like a tank, this heater will last for 35 years or more. The Glenwood stove has been around since 1977 and many of the heaters built back then are still in operation with very satisfied users.


In extensive testing using coal and oil as the fuel, the Glenwood has achieved astonishing heating efficiency levels (90%) thanks to its double pass heat exchange design. By burning the smoke and gases, combustion efficiency reaches nearly 100%. This simply means that it burns clean without sending a lot of heat out the chimney.


The Glenwood is a truly multi-fuel stove. One unit can be used to burn wood or coal (hard or soft) with heating oil as automatic back-up. Attachments are available to increase the fuel options to include shavings, sawdust, wood chips, pellets, construction and demo waste, corn, cobs, hay, fodder, etc. The same efficiency prevails no matter what fuel is used.


Options include a domestic hot water coil and a waste oil burner. The Glenwood can also be ordered with or without the grates and/or the automatic back-up.

User Friendly

The Glenwood is very easy to maintain and use. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to run it. It requires little from the operator but fulfills his expectations satisfactorily.

Glenwood Boiler

Glenwood Automatic
Coal Boiler

Glenwood Furnace

Glenwood automatic Wood/Coal Furnace

Glenwood PENNStoker coal boiler

PENNStoker by Glenwood Automatic Coal-fired Boiler

Glenwood Biomass furnace

Glenwood Biomass furnace