Wood and Pellet Stove

It is hard to think we are in the middle September already with fall being right around the corner.  With fall comes all the pretty golden leaves and cooler weather that make us want to start our wood stoves to take off the morning chill.

Here at Eby’s Landscape center we are also getting ready for the fall season by getting our wood stoves fired up. We now are up to 8 stoves, 6 being pellet and 2 being wood. The one wood stove is a smart stove that is thermostatically controlled so all you have to do is set the room temp and walk away. It can burn up to 12 hr just off one loading.  With it being thermostatically controlled your room temperature doesn’t get the highs and lows as it would without the thermostat,  this evenness of heat is what makes the efficiency of this kind of stove go up. Simply put you’re not wasting wood.

Our pellet stoves all come with thermostats and will shut down and fire up as the room calls for heat. Our pellet stoves have high efficiency ratings like up to 85%, they get this good efficiency from the cast iron heat exchangers in the unit. A very strong point with pellet heat is the ease of cleaning and the fact that pellets do not make creosote, means you don’t have to clean your chimney as often.

Cleaning our pellet stoves is simple, with mainly vacuuming it out and scraping the firepot. However it is recommended to clean the heat exchanger once a month and do a full clean in the spring or fall which simply means vacuum out the fan and exhaust blower.

So stop by this heating season and take a look at what we have and talk to us about our Quadra-Fire Stoves.

Pellet Stove


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