November 2015

Magic Salt

    What is Magic Salt and what does it mean for you? Magic Salt is treated with magnesium using molasses as the binding agent.  With Magic Salt it takes less salt per area to melt ice and snow and It will melt ice in negative temperatures and it will not damage concrete as quickly as regular rock salt. Also treated salt is safer on family pets and doesn’t harm plants and grasses near as quickly. This all put together means that this salt is more environmentally friendly.  




    We all like lights at night; we wouldn’t be able to survive without lights. Think about it, we would soon have stubbed toes, bruised knees, banged heads, crashes and on and on we could go. So we have lights in the form of head lights for vehicles, tail lights to warn people to slow down, flash lights to grab when the lights go out and so on. But what about lights to decorate with there is chandeliers, and little window lights, Christmas lights, and there is Kichler LED lights. Kichler makes lights for outdoor patios, for accent lighting of trees, bushes, homes, driveways and pathways.


  So what makes a good pellet? At Ebys they first grind all the bark off the tree before it is sent through the saw mill. The advantage of this is that the sawdust is guaranteed that there is no bark in the pellet. The other advantage is the logs are clean meaning there is no dirt in the pellet. Put these two together and that guarantees the user a low ash product.  So once the bark is removed and the logs are brought into the saw mill, they are cut into lumber. The saw dust is gathered up and loaded into containers that feed the drying process.