About Us

History of Eby's Landscape Center

The history of Eby’s Landscape Center is imbedded in the history of our parent company Eby Sawmill.

Eby Sawmill began in 1988 as a small sawmill owned by two brothers and their dad. They built it on their dad’s farm and began to saw lumber. About a year later, they bought a wood grinder to grind their slabwood into mulch. From that day forward, we have been in the mulch business. Some of our older customers remember driving clear out to Beans Cove and being loaded with a Massey Ferguson loader tractor. Then we upgraded to a Bobcat skid loader. The sawmill continued to grow and produce more byproduct which was ground into mulch. And the mulch business expanded with it. Soon we began to offer mushroom soil as well.

In December of 1998, the sawmill burnt to the ground. We moved the sawmill to another site on the farm and rebuilt that spring. By the end of March, we were able to saw our first board due to an outpouring of help because of the disaster. We are very grateful to this day for all the help we received. The mulch yard moved to the new location and was there for several years until it was decided that we needed a location closer to Cumberland, MD to better serve our customers.

We opened up the landscape center at our current location in the spring of 2002. Older folks will remember the Bauer’s Garden Center that was there before us. Many changes have happened here as well. The old bank barn caught on fire in March 2003 and burned to the ground. We fixed up what was left into our office today.

We have expanded from a little mulch yard to a landscape center that offers a full array of products. We offer many choices of mulch, soils, decorative gravel, hardscaping, water gardening, patio & lawn furniture, outdoor fire pits and more.

The sawmill has grown and expanded through the years. It wholesales mulch to many other landscape centers along with what it retails through Eby’s Landscape Center. The partnership now includes five brothers and their dad along with many dedicated employees.

Today, Eby’s Landscape Center continues as a retail site of Eby Sawmill. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Keith Eby is our office manager and the fellow with the most expertise. He has been with us since 2009. Jamie Clites is the yard manager. He loads customers and pulls the hardscape orders. Tyler Twigg takes care of the bagging and loading customers with gravel and mulch. Duane Shank takes care of marketing and sales. Don Miller is our delivery driver. With our personalized customer care and our quality products, Eby’s Landscape Center offers an experience that we welcome you to join in.