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The Birth of ecoBlaze Wood Pellets

Eby Sawmill is a family owned sawmill that produces between eight and nine million board foot of lumber a year for the housing industry. Imagine 900 tractor and trailer loads of lumber. With all this lumber production, there are two significant byproducts-mulch and sawdust.

Mulch is sold to the landscaping industry. Sawdust did not have a market like that. For many years, sawdust was just pushed into a pile and left to rot. But as time went by, sawdust was sold for use as cattle bedding on farms. Due to high fuel costs, the owners began to search for a way to compensate this cost. Adding a value to the sawdust by converting them into pellets looked like an opportunity to do so.

Eby Sawmill had some advantages over other pellet mills in the industry. Since sawdust was a byproduct of the lumber business, their source for raw product was secure. Not only was the product source secure, but the source was pure. The sawdust went right from the mill into a storage shed where it is fed into the pellet mill. This keeps the sawdust from getting contaminated with dirt, junk, and other impurities. No contaminates means a top notch pellet.

The owners began to research the possibilities of producing wood pellets. They discovered an innovative way to dry their sawdust and began to put their ideas into reality. Pellets began production in 2013.

The first pellets rolled off the mill and there were sent to the lab for testing. The test results that came back were exciting to see. The pellets exceeded PFI standards for premium hardwood pellets on their first try. The ecoBlaze wood pellets were born.

This left them with only one question. How would they sell? With so many brands in the market place, how would ecoBlaze pellets perform? This fear soon disappeared as the demand for these high, quality pellets exceeded the capacity to produce them.

Every year Eby’s sawmill test their ecoBlaze wood pellets to ensure the quality stays superior, and year after year the results come back at less than 8% moisture, less than ½% fines and less than ½% ash. This means that a 40lb bag of pellets will leave behind only a cup of ash. It also means that such low moisture content will produce a very hot fire with little or no creosote buildup in the chimney.

Ever since ecoBlaze pellets have become a source for heat, pellet stove owners have become loyal ecoBlaze customers. In fact, in less than 5 years the pellet mill is at maximum production. Eby Sawmill is committed to producing quality wood pellets with an affordable price.

One person has said “I look forward to winter because of my pellet stove! These are excellent pellets. Very low ash, and burn for a long time.” -Patti Gottshall

Another one has said “I just started using the ecoBlaze pellets and they are the best pellets for my stove. They throw amazing heat and very little ash. I just wish I had discovered them sooner.” –Dave Chesney

Eby’s Landscape Center is the outlet retail store for Eby Sawmill. It continues to be one of the largest retailers for the ecoBlaze pellets. Since we are owned by the producer of the ecoBlaze pellets, our customers have the confidence that they will always find this premium pellet at our store.